About Deco London

Our Story

Launched in 2015, Deco London's mission is to craft luxury fragrances that harmonize the history of London's past and the allure of Art Deco with contemporary perfumery, creating a unique olfactory journey that captivates the senses.

Our Early Packaging Designs

Our Perfume Personalities

Our Fragrances

Each Deco London fragrance is a unique character inspired by the diverse personalities of the age. Our scents capture the boldness and colour of the era's trailblazers who challenged social norms, paving the way for our modern era.

Why Art Deco

Art Deco and the 1920s and 1930s remain relevant due to their enduring aesthetic influence and social significance.

This era's opulent, geometric designs with clean lines and simplicity, continue to shape architecture, fashion, art, and contemporary culture.

Elegant and Opulent

Sustainable Fragrance

Our Sustainability Pledge

Partnering with world-class perfumers, we craft rich, sustainable fragrances traceable from 'seed to scent'.

We are committed to the environment, use sustainable packaging where possible, all our perfumes are vegetarian, and never tested on animals.