Millicent 50ml Eau de Parfum - Deco London

"Millicent is a big honking white flower tucked into a flapper's headband...
Millicent is the sexy, daring, "look-at-me! look-at-me!" gal."
Jodi Battershall -

Millicent 50ml Eau de Parfum

Millicent is a sophisticated, sensual fragrance for the assertive modern woman

The year is 1925...

…Millicent is fearless and feminine; impeccably dressed in drop-waist shifts and wrap coats with a daring dash of lipstick...


A rich floral bouquet – a citrus opening followed by a decadent heart of white flowers. A base of precious woods and musk make Millicent perfect for day, night and weddings.

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