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The Jazz Age - Fashion and Textile Museum London

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Jazz Age Exhibition - Fashion and Textile Museum London

The 1920s was an era of immense social change.  
For many women, WWI had provided them with a job in the factories and some families directly profited from the boom in manufacturing. This independence felt by many women of all social classes led to a new confidence that was reflected in women's fashions. Hemlines rose, clothes became more relaxed and daring, shunning the subservience of previous generations. 

1920s Fashion London

The Fashion and Textile Museum in London celebrated the 1920s in their recent exhibition '1920s Jazz Age Fashion and Photographs'.

"With over 150 garments, this stunning selection of sportswear, printed day dresses, fringed flapper dresses, beaded evening wear, velvet capes, and silk pyjamas reveals the glamour, excess, frivolity and modernity of the decade."

The museum is also hosting a number of exciting evenings from Jazz Age Gin tasting through to Jazz Dancing classes, all inspired by this fascinating decade.

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