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Mrs Kate Meyrick and the 43 Club

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Mrs Kate Meyrick 1920s 43 Club Gerrard Street Soho

Mrs Kate Meyrick was a Dublin-born mother of eight children who became the most successful and notorious night club owner in London during the 1920s. The '43 Club' at 43 Gerrard Street, Soho was her most famous club; a haunt of celebrities, royalty, gangsters and the 'Bright Young Things' of 1920s London

"I shall never forget my first sight of the cellars of 43 Gerrard Street..My mind travelled into the future...I saw no longer the mildewed walls of a dingy cellar, but the bright interior of the most famous night resort the world has seen in any land or age. I beheld royalties, peers, millionaires and celebrities...gathered together in a glittering throng."

The 43 Club Gerrard Street Soho

"...How truly prophetic was that dream! Within those same walls world-famous stars...were destined to entertain us...On that cellar floor utter madness was to descend upon Europe's most staid and honoured personalities." 
Kate Meyrick - Secrets of the 43 Club, 1933

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