Ernest 50ml Eau de Parfum - Deco London

"Ernest is a warm, effusive fragrance that felt like an old friend from first sniff. Amber and vanilla
do the heavy lifting in this soft oriental blend ...all of which you won't notice until Ernest has
wrapped you in those sexy, well-muscled arms he conceals beneath his shirt sleeves."
Jodi Battershall -

Ernest 50ml Eau de Parfum

Ernest is a clean, classic fragrance that oozes well-groomed self-confidence

…The year is 1924...

Handsome Ernest is effortlessly stylish in flannel trousers, expensive cotton shirts and the finest nubuk leather shoes...


An aromatic soft amber - a burst of citrus is followed by an aromatic heart and a sumptuous base of exotic amber, woods and leather making Ernest a timeless classic, perfect for day or night